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Connected Roots Welcomes New Clinician Taylor Spaziani (She/Her), LPCC, MFTC

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

As part of our continuing mission to provide a holistic approach to therapy, Connected Roots is excited to welcome Taylor Spaziani to our team. Taylor was drawn to therapy as a profession through her love and passion for helping others. As a “wounded healer,” her empathy provides a powerful foundation to heal individuals and communities.

Rooted in her Italian heritage and family support, Taylor is very effective in helping marriages and families work through their challenges by guiding them how to respect and accept their individual strengths and differences. She believes in creating a powerful therapeutic relationship with her clients that breaks through feelings of shame or embarrassment that come with personal issues like sexuality.

Taylor received her MA from the University of Colorado Denver and is an LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) and MFTC (Marriage & Family Therapist Candidate). Her primary focus is working with adolescents and adults, leading group sessions that focus on relationship dynamics and family systems. She is currently pursuing her certification in sex therapy and sexuality education.

Taylor approaches therapy from a systemic lens, stating, “I believe that our issues occur within the context of our relationships with others and the world around us.” She believes that our differences are what make us special, and she works hard to help clients understand how to be themselves, no matter what relationship or family dynamic they have.

Taylor brings her expertise in counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Her open perspective, accepting mindset, and sex-positive background bring a breath of fresh air to anyone struggling with their identity. She loves working with clients in non-traditional relationships, as well as those who identify as LGBTQIA2+.

Taylor strives to help every client find a therapeutic space where they are welcome to step into their own authenticity without fear of being shamed or judged.

The Holistic Therapy Approach

At Connected Roots, Taylor joins a group of counselors and therapists who believe that healing comes from connection, grounding, and confidence. With a holistic approach to counseling, Taylor helps her clients incorporate body, mind, and spirit to achieve their personal therapy goals.


Being able to connect to our emotions isn’t always easy, but it’s hard to be our authentic selves if we can’t. Taylor aims to help her clients learn how to turn inward and achieve introspection and find that internal emotional connection. By becoming more aware of our actions and reactions to life situations, we can better understand ourselves and how we affect and are affected by the relationships around us.


By teaching mindfulness techniques, Taylor helps her clients enhance their awareness of the present and learn how to stay in the moment. Modern culture provides plenty of distractions, but staying grounded helps us stay in tune with our emotions and selves. By practicing physical and mental exercises, we can stay grounded no matter what environment in which we find ourselves.


Many people seek validation from others, but self-acceptance is an important step toward understanding and loving yourself. However, believing in your own skills, talents, and potential isn’t always easy, especially in relationships or cultures that don’t accept who you are. Taylor encourages her clients to take healthy risks that push them outside their comfort zones to find the confidence they deserve.

With a holistic approach to therapy and self-identification, Taylor seeks to bring each client closer to understanding and accepting themselves so they can build better relationships with those they love.

About Connected Roots

Here at Connected Roots, we believe that everyone deserves a bright future… and has the power to attain it. With Taylor Spaziani on board, we’re excited to help more individuals, couples, and families reach that vision.

We are dedicated to empowering Taylor to create the safe space individuals need to be able to connect to their true selves and understand their role in relationship and family dynamics. No matter what challenges you are facing, you deserve the right to be accepted for who you are and who you love.

For more information on Connected Roots and our newest member, Taylor Spaziani, visit our website or give us a call at 720-593-1062.

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