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Our vision

At Connected Roots, we use evidence based therapy and life coaching to inspire a deeper connection with oneself and others through the three pillars of Connected Roots practice:

Connection to yourself comes from tuning into your emotions, introspection, and acting in line with your values. At Connected Roots, we support you in developing practices that enhance this connection. Additionally, group therapy provides a space for connecting to others through sharing, relating, validating, and offering compassionate feedback.

Grounding yourself into the moment by utilizing mindfulness techniques enhances your awareness of the present. At Connected Roots, we illuminate alternatives to the distractions prevalent in our culture to help you feel grounded, rather than disconnected. Active Lifestyle Coaching offers the opportunity to explore grounding in various environments.

Confidence in yourself comes from self-acceptance and believing in your own abilities, skills, and capacity. At Connected Roots, we help you prepare to take the healthy risks necessary to achieve your goals. Individual therapy will present you with tangible skills to boost your confidence for coping effectively with everyday stressors.

Our mission

To create a safe space for empowering authentic personal growth.
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