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What it's like to Work With Connected Roots

What clients are saying

Individual Therapy

"Lauren is amazing! She always knows how to talk through things and truly cares about progress and goals. Lauren is a good listener and very supportive. It's nice to have someone who empathizes rather than someone who judges. She encourages a positive outlook on life by pointing out and acknowledging even the smallest of accomplishments." 


"Working with Nick has been such a positive experience. He has taught me so much about mental health, coping with the challenges of life and managing relationships that I am forever grateful for."

"Jennie has a compassionate attitude that makes me feel accepted and safe...her connection to intuition and clinical knowledge makes her astute at fostering healing."

Group Therapy

"I was able to work through so many different aspects of my life while in the group, whether it was a breakup or finishing grad school, and having the support of the group to look forward to each week when I was having a rough time was hugely beneficial to helping me achieve my goals."

"Its hard to really put into words how much Lauren and Eliot have impacted me and helped me on my journey. I joined their adult group, Grow What You Know, in November 2019 and finished my last session with them in August 2021. Spending a year and 9 months in this group changed my life, and the skills I learned will continue to stick with me."

"Lauren and Eliot are excellent facilitators and are also extremely understanding. They create an environment for vulnerability that I doubt is available in many other groups. Their passion for helping others through mental health struggles is obvious and their devotion to each and every member is amazing. I know I left the group feeling emotional about the loss of such a wonderful resource."


"I love the masculine presence and influence that Eliot brings to struggling young men, and that his process is activity and action oriented. Males are born, but men are created. Go Eliot!"

"Eliot has been one of the key mentors in my life that has helped me start to get a better grip on my mental health. He goes above and beyond what you would expect of a typical therapist/life coach and makes it his number one priority to lead clients in the right direction. Seeing Eliot has made such a positive difference in my life and it will for you too."

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