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Top Reasons for Hiring an Open Relationship Coach

Many Boulder residents have a difficult time when it comes to hiring a relationship coach within the non-monogamous space. In such a thriving city, people come from all walks of life and have a diverse set of challenges when it comes to navigating their relationships. Open relationship coaching, in comparison to traditional forms of therapy, allows more self disclosure and relating from the coaches to the clients. Just as a colleague or friend would validate and express their own unbiased options to help you align with your goals and values, your coach would do the same. What are some common reasons to seek help from an open relationship coach? Connected Roots answers that question below…

Gain Self-Knowledge

A lot of people seek relationship coaching to gain personal insights. Some people, especially those with complex attachment styles, come across difficulties with navigating relationships within the framework of non-monogamy. Relationship coaches, Boulder based or otherwise, can help you “get back to the basics,” asking questions such as, “What are my goals and realistic expectations within this relationship?” or “What really makes you feel like your most authentic self?”

Improve Your Communication

If you’re not quite sure how to engage in healthy communication patterns, an open relationship coach can help you learn how to assertively express your boundaries, wants and needs to feel more grounded in your sense of self. Effective communication is key to receiving empathy in difficult situations and in owning your insecurities about situations that you may find yourself otherwise projecting.

Get Yourself Out Of A Spinning Cycle

Relationship insecurities, new intimate partners and change in the norms of a relationship are common reasons for seeking an open relationship coach. If your current relationship isn’t feeling fulfilling anymore, or you want support in developing and maintaining your non-monogamous relationships, an open relationship coach can help. Your coach can help you take steps toward setting boundaries in your relationship and exploring different dynamics of relationship fluidity and partnership. As you gain confidence, you will discover what you truly need from your relationship, and take the necessary actions to make the “ever changing and growing” part of your life more meaningful.

Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

People also seek open relationship coaching to improve their relationship with themselves. Transitioning to non-monogamy from more traditional forms of connection can illuminate a need to develop a stronger foundation within oneself. This might look like solidifying your goals and values, learning how to self-soothe, and/or how to prioritize one’s own needs. An open relationship coach can help you set tangible goals for yourself from a place of empathy and connection with the difficulties you are facing.

Open Relationship Coach Boulder

Whether you found Connected Roots by searching “non-monogamous coach or lifestyle friendly therapist” or you found us through a recommendation from a friend or family member, we’d love to have you as part of our community. Learn more about our approach to open relationship coaching today. We’re ready to help you thrive in your journey toward living your most authentic life!

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