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Top Benefits of Colorado Life Coaching

You’ve probably heard of life coaching and may even know someone who’s benefited from it. In Colorado, life coaching has grown in popularity over the past few years. People with life coaches realize the benefits of their personal growth and ability to overcome challenges. At Connected Roots, we are happy to offer clients a unique and effective approach to Colorado Life Coaching.

While we work with clients to identify solutions for their challenges in life, we may incorporate outdoor activities that help them gain the necessary confidence to move forward. As with all of the coaching and therapy methods we embrace at Connected Roots, our approach to Life Coaching involves experiences in nature when it makes sense to help our clients.

What Exactly Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching involves a collaborative effort between the coach and client that initiates powerful changes in life. Life coaching can also encourage new behaviors that replace old habits. Life Coaches engage clients in conversations and/or activities that encourage reflection and initiate change. As part of the process, clients are encouraged and challenged to make decisions that enhance their life, career, and relationships.

Benefits Of A Life Coach For Making Positive Changes

A Life Coach fosters your ability to work through challenges in life and helps you implement fundamental changes. Part of this process may be to help you gain confidence in your ability to implement future changes.

For example, if you are struggling in your career, a Life Coach can help you identify the root of the problem. Once the problem is identified, a Life Coach can work with you to determine which obstacles are in your path. From there, the coach works with you to develop a plan to remove those obstacles in your work life and move forward. In other cases, you may discover through sessions with your Life Coach that the best solution is a new career altogether or to start your own business.

Life coaching is beneficial any time you face a change of direction in life, such as a divorce, retirement, or an empty nest. Understanding what direction you want to take your life when facing change can be overwhelming and challenging. While a therapist can help you process emotions during these challenges, your Life Coach focuses on helping you develop and implement steps to move forward.

Our approach to Colorado Life Coaching might involve an activity that increases confidence in tackling obstacles by taking on challenges in nature. Seeing ourselves conquering a challenge outdoors translates to increased self-confidence in our everyday lives. It’s a successful approach directly related to our hard-wired human genetics. The human biological response to stress did not develop in front of a computer, but rather in surviving in the great outdoors.

Change is necessary for improving our lives but can also result in stress. A Life Coach helps you navigate change and reduce the effects of stress in the process.

The added benefit from our approach to life coaching is that sessions are effective and fun at the same time!

Benefits Of A Colorado Life Coach for Improving Your Quality Of Life

Facing change, whether it is a result of external circumstances or self-initiated, can add a lot of stress to your life. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the circumstances that self-care practices are forgotten. A Life Coach helps remind you to maintain those practices and keep them woven into your schedule.

A Life Coach can help improve your quality of life simply by reminding you to be present, or to incorporate time in nature into your life, which is very beneficial. And, of course, a Colorado Life Coach has an abundance of beautiful places to remind you about activities in nature that are right at your doorstep. A Life Coach may recommend spending time in nature for quiet reflection or an experience like whitewater rafting for a challenge.

Life Coaches can improve your quality of life by helping you gain a new perspective. In addition, they are skilled at helping you talk through problems and develop solutions that ease stress and improve your outlook on life. A Life Coach offers a fresh and unbiased perspective that isn’t always available from friends or family members.

What Training And Certifications Does A Life Coach Need To Have For The Most Benefit?

It’s relevant to note that a Life Coach is not the same thing as a therapist. As a result, the necessary certifications are different. There are no required certifications to be considered a Life Coach. However, there is a Life Coach Certification that can help you determine whether a coach has the professional skills and training to benefit you the most. At Connected Roots, Eliot Andres is our Certified Life Coach, and he carries other credentials to make him well-qualified to assist you in achieving your life goals.

Colorado Life Coaching From Connected Roots

Life coaching from Connected Roots is unique, inclusive, and enjoyable. Eliot Andres is a Certified Life Coach and our lead service provider for this specialty. Eliot is an exceptional Colorado Life Coach who incorporates his experience in wilderness survival courses and connection to nature into his approach. He guides clients towards their goals through leisure-based activities that challenge and inspire their spirit.

For more information on Life Coaching from Connected Roots or to schedule an appointment, visit our website today!

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