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Top 3 Benefits of Group Therapy

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

a person in group therapy - emotional healing
Top 3 benefits of Group Therapy

When you’re ready to start therapy, Boulder Colorado has plenty of options. In your therapy search, have you considered group therapy? In group therapy, you can get help alongside other people who are struggling with the same issues that you’re facing. Many people feel intimidated by the idea of group therapy, but ideally these top 3 benefits will help you see the full potential of group therapy so you take action!

Insight And Strategy

First of all, group therapy comes with many of the same benefits that you’ll get from individual therapy. Boulder residents and people all over the world use therapy to gain insight into their own lives. Just like with individual therapy, group therapy will give you access to a trained therapist. Over the course of your therapy, you’ll learn more about yourself, gain insight from an outside perspective, and learn strategies that can help you deal with life’s biggest challenges.

Community Perspective

Here’s something that you won’t get from individual therapy: community perspective. When you participate in group therapy, you surround yourself with people who deal with the same or similar issues as yourself. Trauma, struggles, and mental health issues can make you feel isolated. Group therapy gives you community support. You’ll realize that you’re not alone, and you’ll gain some perspective from the other group members.

Communication Skill

This one is especially helpful if you deal with social anxiety. Group communication is a natural byproduct of group therapy, even if you seek therapy for a completely different reason, you’ll notice your communication skills getting sharper. You’ll deepen your listening skills, and you’ll find yourself offering insight to other group members. Group therapy gives you a relaxed and low-key way to talk to other people. Furthermore, since everyone in the room is there for similar reasons, you already have a starting point for conversations.

Therapy Boulder

Looking for group therapy? Boulder Colorado has the place for you - Connected Roots – which offers group therapy, recreational therapy, and retreats. You will grow as a person while enjoying the beautiful backdrop of Boulder. Whether you want to grow your social skills, practice executive function skills, or distance yourself from social media and technology for a while, Connected Roots can help you grow and heal. Start your healing process with your free consultation. Fill out this form today to get started.

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