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Life Coaching Vs Therapy: Which One Is Right For You?

Whether you need therapy or a life coach, Boulder has plenty of options for you to consider.

But the question is: Should you seek life coaching, or would therapy be a better option for you?

No matter which one you choose, you’ll gain valuable insight from the experience, because and therapists alike provide a great opportunity for communication, guidance, and growth. Nevertheless, there are some differences between life coaches and therapists. Here’s what you should know as you explore your options…

What’s The Difference Between Life Coaching & Therapy?

If you Google both “therapy Boulder” and “life coach Boulder,” you may notice similar results for both searches. So what sets them apart from each other?

There are two major differences between therapy and life coaching: education and focus.

Trained therapists have master’s degrees or PhDs, as well licensure and certifications . Many life coaches also have advanced degrees, but unlike therapists, it’s not a legal requirement. Still, life coaches go through a rigorous and challenging training process before working with clients.

Therapists and life coaches may focus on different aspects of your life. Generally, therapists have more of a focus on providing skills to better clients mental health, work through complex internal struggles, and exploring childhood traumas that may show up. By contrast, life coaches are more externally focused by helping you optimize your career, productivity, and other goal oriented pursuits.

What Are Your Goals?

If you’re deciding between a therapist or a life coach, we recommend examining your goals to provide guidance. If you are seeking help for stress, anxiety, depression, or unraveling past traumas, then a therapist may be right for you. A life coach may be the way to go if you want to “get out of a rut,” make positive life changes, or improve your goal-setting results.

Life Coach Boulder

Are you seeking a life coach? Boulder has you covered with Connected Roots. Lauren and Eliot Andre offer life coaching, individual therapy, and group therapy. If you’re still unsure about the choice between life coaching and therapy, why not start with a free consultation? This way, you’ll get professional and expert advice based on your unique situation. Contact Connected Roots today to get started.

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