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Attachment & Acceptance: Letting Go of “Forever”

Updated: May 31, 2023

In so many ways, our society reinforces the idea that something lasting is what makes it meaningful, but I call bullshit on this. Something lasting can enhance it’s meaning, but it is not what makes it meaningful. Impermanence is a given with life on earth. Everything living eventually dies, emotions come in waves, thoughts are fleeting, relationships begin, change, and often end or fade away, our appearance is constantly changing, our beliefs and lifestyle often in flux; forever is mostly an illusion that we grasp onto for certainty rather than truth.

The pain of loss is intense, especially when it comes to relationships. Whether the loss be by death or another way, we grieve for the people that leave our lives. Sometimes the grief is mostly sadness and other times filled with anger or often both; nonetheless, it can be excruciatingly painful. Part of this pain is just a reality of loving and connecting with people, romantic or otherwise, but the suffering that follows might be of our own creating through the illusions of forever that we strive for.

What if, instead, we allowed each moment with someone to be meaningful? What if we stopped telling ourselves that them or us leaving, by choice or not, takes away the importance of this connection? What if we could really appreciate connection in the present for what it is without needing it to be more or different? What if we stopped trying to hold onto what no longer serves us? Would we suffer less? I think so; either way, it is worth a try because this life is painful and why add fuel to that fire?

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