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Is Group Therapy Just For Extroverts?

Colorado has all kinds of options when it comes to therapy. Boulder alone has individual therapy, group therapy, and life coaching. But with so many choices, it might be a bit overwhelming to decide what path is best for you.

Many people like to start with group therapy because it’s often less expensive than individual therapy, and it’s a great way to experience therapy if you’ve never done it before. Extroverts are often quick to dive into group therapy, but introverts may be hesitant to do so.

If you are an introvert, please read on to discover why group therapy can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Are Introverts Shy?

It’s important to clarify that introversion and shyness are not the same thing. An introvert’s social life is like a rechargeable battery: When introverts leave the house and socialize, no matter how much they might be enjoying themselves, their battery eventually drains. By spending time alone, an introvert recharges their battery and regains the energy that socializing depletes.

The Energizing Power Of Group Therapy For Introverts

Many introverts find group therapy to be quite energizing. Unlike, for example, a crowded restaurant, group therapy provides an optimal setting to help introverts thrive. Why? Because groups are relatively small, and the guidance of a trained therapist maintains a calm and controlled environment.

Speak Your Mind!

Introverts tend to prefer structure when it comes to social situations, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from group therapy. Boulder’s many options for group therapy have the structure that introverts crave.

You’ll have ample time to speak in group therapy, and nobody will “talk over you.” So if it takes you a little longer to articulate your thoughts and words… that’s fine. Take all the time you need!

Listen Up!

If you are generally a listener, then group therapy can provide that outlet for you as well. You’ll have plenty of chances to observe and listen in group therapy, and your listening skills will help you learn from other people’s insights and apply them in your life.

Therapy Boulder

Looking for group therapy? Boulder residents can check out Connected Roots. We provide a combination of therapy options, including group therapy. Take a look at our services to find a group that’s right for you.

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