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How Does Counseling Help With Procrastination?

Your entire life, you may have heard people telling you to “buckle down and get the job done.” Or perhaps your teachers lamented you weren’t “living up to your full potential.” Maybe you were even called “lazy.”

Before long, these negative messages became your internal dialog. One of the biggest culprits causing such issues is procrastination.

You don’t enjoy procrastinating, so why do you keep doing it? The reasons are probably more complex than you think, which is why it’s an excellent idea to find a counselor. How does counseling help with procrastination? Here are a few ways…

Identify Why You Procrastinate

Once you turn in the assignment, finish that report, or clean your house, you promise yourself you’ll never procrastinate again.

Why don’t you keep that promise – despite the stress it causes you?

You may not know the answer, and that’s OK.

But how does counseling help you stop it?

The truth is that most procrastinators aren’t actually “lazy,” but have deeply rooted psychological reasons for procrastination. For example, it may be undiagnosed ADHD, which severely limits focus and attention span, while others procrastinate due to anxiety or perfectionism. Whatever your reasons for procrastination, it’s vitally important to get to the root of the problem.

How does counseling help you do that? Your counselor will help by getting to know you, understanding how you work, and providing valuable insights, such as releasing the shame you may feel about your struggles. Once you address the root of your procrastination, you can better navigate and complete your tasks and in a less stressful (and more efficient) way.

Practice Your Skills

Once you’ve identified why you procrastinate, how does counseling help you work on the problem? First, your counselor can help you create a personalized strategy that addresses your unique needs. For example, your counselor may help you break up larger tasks into smaller and more manageable ones.

How Does Counseling Help?

You may have a lot of questions about counseling and procrastination. “How does counseling help?” is just one of many questions that people ask us. Do you want to learn more about your counseling options? Connected Roots can help. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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