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Gain Access to Mental Health Services: Health First Colorado Works!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Mental illnesses are health conditions similar to other conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Mental illness can interfere with a person’s feelings, thinking, mood, and daily functioning. The good news is that mental illness is treatable, and resources are available to assist people who face these challenges.

If you recognize that you’re facing a mental health challenge, it’s essential to know that you are not alone. In fact, some reporting shows that 3 out of 10 Coloradans require mental health or substance abuse disorder care.

Our team at Connected Roots understands the importance of both access to and availability of mental health services. We work with many insurance providers, including Health First Colorado, to ensure our friends and neighbors in Boulder have access to the important mental health resources that we provide.

Increase in Necessity of Mental Health Services

It’s no secret that with the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are facing an increase in mental health challenges related to the virus. This uptick in need is due not only to the medical issues related to the virus itself, but also because of physical distancing and stay-at-home orders that have left many feeling isolated and alone.

According to a 2019 Colorado Health Access Survey, 15.3% of Coloradans reported poor mental health, compared with 11.8% in 2017. This data could signal worsening mental health, but it also shows an increased willingness to talk about it.

At the same time, research shows that more Americans are receptive to the idea of receiving mental health services. Thankfully, for Coloradans who are members of Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program), comprehensive mental health services are available at little or no cost.

Health First Colorado: The Basics

You are not alone! If you’re a member of Health First Colorado, you and your primary care provider belong to a regional organization that can help connect you to the services you need.

Your regional organization can help you identify physical and behavioral health benefits, connect you with appropriate providers, and link you to resources like transportation, food assistance, and other social services. Many mental health services are available to subscribers without co-pays or exclusions.

Your enrollment letter from Health First Colorado Enrollment contains the name of your regional organization, or you can call Health First Colorado Enrollment at 303-839-2120.

How Connected Roots Helps

Because we design specific treatment plans for each client, you can expect a treatment plan that works for you. Our team of mental health professionals provides our clients with a range of treatment modalities. Together, we’ll work to find the most effective therapy.

Fundamentally, we believe that connection, grounding, and confidence are imperative for everyone. We provide a safe and nurturing space for people to express themselves.

At Connected Roots, we encourage connection with oneself and others through validation and authentic self-expression. We also believe that a relationship with the earth is an essential alternative to the fixation with technology that’s prevalent in our culture. We help our clients build confidence in their ability to cope effectively with daily stressors and build the confidence to reach their goals.

Connected Roots is Different

Our team respects the seriousness of the struggles many of our clients face; however, we also believe therapy can be fun.

Humor and lightheartedness are incorporated organically into our therapies. This approach encourages connection and communication with each other. Above all, we want our clients to feel safe and comfortable while they face challenges and begin their journey toward better mental health.

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all fix. We utilize evidence-based interventions while remaining flexible and thoughtful to the individual needs of our clients.

How to Start

The first step in any mental health treatment plan is to reach out. We provide all our potential clients with a confidential FREE CONSULTATION.

Please inquire about accepted insurance plans and sliding scale fee availability. We do work with patients covered through Health First Colorado. So, let us know if they provide your primary coverage.

If you are covered with Health First Colorado but have never utilized mental health services before, it’s a good idea to reach out to your primary health care provider first for a referral. If you don’t have a primary health care provider, get connected by reaching out to Health First Colorado for an appointment.

The most important step is always the first step. You are not alone. Thousands of Coloradans seek out and benefit from mental health services.

Our team at Connected Roots believes in accessibility for all. If you’re having trouble getting the process started, we may be able to help.

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