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Fight Holiday Blues With Group Therapy

It’s no secret that while the holidays can be a fun and festive time, they can also bring increased anxiety, depression, and stress. The holidays can be overwhelming with the pressures of social events, financial strain, and heightened expectations. Missing a loved one or being reminded of difficult experiences from holidays past can also cause people to struggle during this season.

Do not despair! You are not alone, and if you are fighting the holiday blues, there is a way to get help. At Connected Roots in Boulder, our team believes in the restorative and healing power of group therapy.

Group Therapy Basics

Group therapy is exactly what it sounds like. At Connected Roots, you can expect one of our professional team members to lead a group of people with similar issues as you talk freely about your feelings, listen and validate others, and develop self-awareness in a safe environment.

Benefits Of Group Therapy

Although group therapy may sound intimidating at first, our experience is that participants are pleasantly surprised at how rewarding group therapy can be.

Group therapy provides several benefits you may not find in individual therapy, such as providing a safe and understanding sounding board for members to listen and offer specific ways to overcome challenges. You may also find that group members hold each other accountable too.

Listening to others can help put your feelings and difficulties in perspective. Many people feel the way you do, but it’s rare to have the opportunity to hear someone else share similar feelings.

It can feel good to know you’re not the only one struggling, and a relief to hear others share their struggles as confirmation that you are not alone. It can also be rewarding to meet people with different backgrounds, life experiences, and personalities as a fresh way to look at a particular situation you haven’t yet considered.

Once you get used to the idea of group therapy, you will likely find you enjoy the group camaraderie. It’s not uncommon for those experiencing anxiety and depression to self-isolate. The experience of group therapy can provide a common understanding of a challenging experience that nurtures trust and self-confidence. Sharing your feelings with the group may provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

Another benefit of group therapy that cannot be overstated is self-discovery. Because we all have blind spots, in group therapy you will see reflections of yourself from a different perspective, empowering you to identify and navigate through those blind spots.

Group Therapy Techniques

While there are many accepted group therapy techniques, group therapy sessions depend on the preferences of both the leader and group members. Art, music, dance, or movement therapy are all ways to express yourself in a group.

At Connected Roots, our professionals take the time to listen and recommend what will work best for the group as a whole. You can expect to feel safe, comfortable, heard, and seen with us.

Not Just Talk

Formal group therapy sessions provide longer-term benefits than informal self-help or support groups. At Connected Roots, our sessions are led by specialized mental health professionals who teach proven strategies for managing specific issues. Our experts will help you make the most of your group therapy sessions and achieve positive results.


Group therapy sessions operate under the same principle of confidentiality as individual sessions, and it’s required that what happens in the group stays in the group to provide a safe environment to support openness with one another.

About Us

Connected Roots is committed to making mental health care available to all who need it. Our professional team provides a safe environment for you to express yourself, tune into your emotions, and align your behavior with your goals and values.

Our team provides both group and individual therapy based on what will work best for you.

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