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What Are the Roots you keep Referring To?

Just as a tree cannot grow without its roots anchored into the earth, a person cannot grow without a deep connection to their own roots. In this sense, our roots are what keeps us grounded in our life and sense of self.


These roots might be: the supportive people in our lives, nature, our values, our goals, our beliefs, and more. At Connected Roots, we want to help our clients identify their roots and build upon the strength they offer. 

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What is group therapy and what are the benefits?

At Connected Roots, we believe that group therapy holds the most potential for decreasing the feelings of isolation that many people experience when they are struggling.


Facilitated by a therapist, a small group of individuals will be able to share their struggles with one another in a confidential setting.


Group members will be able to relate on similar struggles, whether it be with mental health, struggles with relationships, or struggles with a physical disability.


Group therapy provides a safe space for people to express themselves authentically and receive support and feedback.


Through listening to and interacting with other group members, clients will be able to broaden their perspectives, increase self-awareness, and learn new tools to cope with their current struggles. 


Group therapy enables connection with others in a space where judgment is distant and support and validation are front and center. 

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What is Recreational therapy and what are the benefits?

Recreational therapy has the power to improve and maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual functioning to increase clients' quality of life.


Facilitated by a Recreational Therapist, a small group of individuals will be guided through experiential activities to encourage growth through self-reflection.


This type of therapy is all about doing as the main path toward self-improvement and deepening connections with others and one's surroundings. 


Rather than using talking as the main means of expression, recreational therapy incorporates games, social skills training, art, music, movement, and more to motivate clients to make changes that align with their goals and values. 


Recreational therapy also provides leisure education to help clients develop a healthy and fulfilling leisure lifestyle. 

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What makes Connected Roots different?

The dynamic duo is fun! Although we recognize and respect the seriousness of the struggles our clients face, we believe that therapy can be fun.


We incorporate humor and lightheartedness into our practice to encourage authentic human connection. We want our clients to feel safe and comfortable while they are facing sometimes uncomfortable struggles.


To truly tend to the authenticity that we strive for, we customize therapy to fit each client's needs.


Because we have had training and experience in diverse methods and modalities, we can implement creative and unique therapeutic approaches into our group and retreat curriculums.


We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach.


We utilize evidenced based interventions while remaining flexible and open to making helpful changes to suit client needs.


Our clients are human, first and foremost, and we are committed to treating them as such!

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How Do I know that Connected Roots is right for me?

Connected Roots is suited for those who are seeking a deeper connection with others, oneself, and/or nature.


Starting from a place of self-acceptance, we want to help you cultivate the life you want.


We can help you develop more effective skills for coping with your struggles, whether they be emotional, behavioral, or relational.


If you feel isolated in your struggles and/or want to strengthen connection with others, group therapy will be a good fit for you.


If you seek respite from the daily grind of life, feel disconnected from the natural world, and/or just need a peaceful space for reflection, our nature retreats are right for you.


*If you still are not sure if Connected Roots is a good fit for your needs, please click here to learn more about who we serve or contact us for a free phone consultation.

Our nature retreats offer respite from daily life to allow for deep reflection and grounding. Group therapy and experiential activities will be offered while camping and hiking through the mountains. 

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