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Are These Services Right for you?

Grow What You Know

Process and Skills Group

  • Do you experience anxiety or stress about failing classes or not excelling in school?

  • Do you find yourself procrastinating, avoiding, or isolating yourself from others?

  • Do you often dread or feel anxious about going into work each day?

  • Do you consistently complain about your co-workers or supervisors?

  • Are you struggling with reaching goals or not getting the recognition you seek?

  • Do you find it hard to build or maintain relationships?

  • Are you experiencing consistent conflict, or a lack of support, intimacy, or trust in your relationships?

  • Do you consistently feel apathetic, lack motivation, or struggle with existential dread?

  • Do you struggle with maintaining basic self-care, such as exercise, routine, hygiene, or sobriety?

  • Do you struggle with insecurity, self-doubt, or feel generally unsatisfied with your life?

Relating? We can help!

Social butterfly

Social skills Group

  • ​Do you find yourself isolating, easily agitated, or anxious in group settings?

  • Do you feel distressed by changes in your schedule or routine?

  • Do you overwhelmed by sensory stimulation, interacting with strangers, or unfamiliar surroundings? 

  • Do you often feel confused by social norms, etiquette, or nonverbal communication?

  • Do you consistently feel like you have nothing to contribute in group settings or in relationships?

  • Do you find yourself perseverating about social interactions in the past or future?

Sound like you? Join us!

What the Rec?

Recreational therapy Group

  • ​Do you need assistance or constant reminders completing everyday tasks at work?

  • Do you feel unable to get to work or activities in a timely manner due to physical limitations?

  • Do you feel excluded, unrecognized, or disrespected by your peers?​​​

  • Do you participate in leisure activities, but consistently walk away feeling unfulfilled?

  • Do you avoid or lack motivation for engaging in leisure activities?

  • Do you feel frustrated by your dependence on others or by everyday living tasks that take longer than you'd like? 

  • Do you feel unsatisfied in traditional therapy settings or learning environments?

Resonating? Let us help!

Explore the outdoors

3 Day weekend excursion

  • Do you find yourself glued to social media or technology in a way that hinders other aspects of your life?

  • Do you feel unable to distance yourself from societal norms or current worldly or political events? 

  • Are you struggling to maintain progress achieved in previous therapeutic settings?

  • Do you have trouble finding space for self-reflection, self-care, or solitude?

  • Are you struggling with adjusting to recent changes or transitions in your life?

  • Do you feel disconnected from others, yourself, or nature?

  • Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy work/life balance?

Sound familiar? Join us!

If you answered YES to the questions above, good news! We can help!
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