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Connected Roots Welcomes Clinician Gabe Belzer

Connected Roots is excited to welcome Gabe Belzer to our team. Gabe has been involved in the helping profession since age 16 and brings a fresh perspective on how community support and therapeutic techniques foster genuine human connection and resilience.

Our experience has shown that identifying an individual's strengths and inner wisdom is key to maintaining an organic healing process. Gabe's enthusiasm and optimism help support these goals in both individual and group sessions.

Gabe began their career as a volunteer with a crisis youth hotline in their hometown, which created a lifelong dedication to helping others achieve peace of mind in their lives. They then went on to study sociology and counseling, eventually receiving their master's degree in social work.

Gabe takes a holistic approach, using a combination of biology, psychology, and social experience to help create the most authentic version of each individual within the therapeutic experience. They add, "My purpose is to empower you while learning about your personal journey to build trust so that you can feel comfortable and safe opening up about your innermost self." They believe that therapy starts by building a genuine relationship, and aim to create a supportive environment that allows individuals to take the necessary time to heal and grow.

Gabe brings to Connected Roots a deep understanding and years of experience in sexual assault advocacy. They know the dynamics and impact of sexual violence on someone's life, as well as ways to heal and move forward. Additionally, Gabe brings an expanded knowledge of the legal system and process surrounding sexual violence, lending their aid to anyone who is struggling to remove themselves from those situations.

As a nonbinary social worker, Gabe specializes in working with people who identify as queer, as well as those who are pursuing non-monogamous relationships. They look forward to learning and growing with you through their time at Connected Roots.


Through their years as a counselor and social worker, Gabe has helped numerous people reach their true selves and find positive healing methods. They are proud of everyone they work with and feel a sense of joy with every completed session. Here are some examples of what you can look forward to when working with Gabe at Connected Roots:

"Gabe is a truly amazing human and the best teacher anyone could ask for. I've never met anyone who I think would make a better therapist. I've learned so much from Gabe's compassion, wisdom, and patience." ​

"Gabe's empathy, kindness, and care for others without a single bit of judgment is so admirable and always shows."

"[They've} been around to talk through things with me at weird times of day about really intense stuff, and [they've] always been so nice to me, and it's hard to put into words how much I appreciate that. It's been hard, and I have no idea how I would've gotten through it without [them]. Really truly [they] are an incredibly kind and smart person and a fantastic social worker and [they're] gonna be such a good therapist."

How The Holistic Approach Works

At Connected Roots, we believe healing comes from connection, grounding, and confidence. A holistic approach to counseling combines the body, mind, and spirit to help achieve these goals.

Connection: Connecting to one's emotions isn't always easy, but it is important. By learning how to turn inward and achieve introspection, individuals become more aware of their actions and reactions to life situations.

Grounding: Mindfulness techniques can help individuals enhance their awareness of the present and stay in the moment. There are plenty of distractions in our culture, but with physical and mental exercises, individuals can feel grounded within their environment.

Confidence: Self-acceptance is the ability to believe in your own skills, talents, and potential. Finding confidence requires taking healthy risks that push us outside of our comfort zones. A holistic approach helps us understand the true value of ourselves.

About Connected Roots

At Connected Roots, we believe that anyone can achieve the bright future they've desired. And with Gabe Belzer on our team, we are excited to help even more people reach that goal.

We believe in Gabe's holistic approach to counseling, and they are committed to creating a safe space for healing that will help individuals connect to their true selves and reach their goals.

For more information on Connected Roots and our newest member Gabe Belzer, you can visit our website or give us a call at 720-593-1062.

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